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My Joy & Passion Toastmasters

I started at Riverside Toastmasters Ottawa in 2017 after a terrible experience with public speaking, where I had to present to about 300 people my presentation didn't work and I had to speak off the cuff! Oh boy! I searched up Toastmasters the very same day, and continue to be amazed at the immense joy and value it has brought in my life and career. I am a marketer, entrepreneur and project manager, and understand the art of persuasion and marketing.

As we know, Toastmasters manages to bring a positive twist to every aspect of our lives. 

I have been serving the Toastmasters District 61 as:

  • The Public Relations Manager in 2020-2021

  • Division B Director 2021-2022

  • Club President Riverside Toastmasters Ottawa 2021-2022

Nurturing Growth

What is expected from a Club Growth Director to serve you and District 61?

The key responsibilities of a Toastmasters Club Growth director are:

  • Develop a marketing plan Build and support new clubs Strengthen existing clubs

  • Provide resources for struggling clubs

The Challenge we face! And the unexplored opportunities that grew!

 COVID-19 has brought every organization on this planet both challenges and opportunities and Toastmasters District 61 is no different. 

Our challenges include clubs that are struggling to stay open, members who are tired of Zoom, general problems of the world that are worrying our members. There is also the slow move to in-person meetings and the danger of losing new virtual members who are not physically located near us.  

The opportunity that grew from COVID was the ability to virtually attend and become part of clubs that we never thought possible. Being borderless! the ability to pivot and explore the virtual environment with new niche clubs. 

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What's my plan? 

I have divided my plan into three parts. An "S.O.S strategy" for struggling clubs, a "Stay Strong Strategy" for our current clubs and a "Blue Ocean strategy" for creating new clubs.  

S.O.S strategy for struggling clubs

First, of all, I want to say, everyone in the world is having problems with marketing. Please don't feel alone. The idea is to provide your club with a completely tailored solution to market your club.  That includes a solid marketing plan for club executives to execute, with all steps laid out.  

Currently, I am trying out this strategy in Division B. 

Image by Marcel Eberle

Staying Strong Strategy for Current  Clubs in D61

What is needed to stay strong? My plan is to provide clubs with everything they will need to stay strong. Including access to experienced club coaches, mentors and valuable workshops that will help you grow stronger and stay strong.  

Image by Ty Tomlinson

Attracting New Niches to Join Toastmasters and exploring "Blue Ocean" of new Club Opportunities

What is needed to attract new people to Toastmasters? We know that Toastmasters has been a fantastic tool for successful career building, growth of your networks, and lasting friendships.


There are many reasons, for corporations to adopt Toastmasters for their employees especially during this new virtual working environment, where there aren't many avenues for workers to gather round and build a precious work network that might bring them their new career opportunity. That would be one the many benefits to pitch to organizations to invest in Toastmasters. 

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My Joy & Passion Toastmasters
What is expected from a Club Growth Director?
The District Challenge
What's my plan?
Staying Strong Strategy
New Markets & Niches "Blue Ocean"
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