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Izza is an entrepreneur, project manager,  author, and marketer. She is currently focused on two projects both in the realm of Marketing and Customer Experience. As the head of AINA software Inc., a company focused on creating a better customer experience for users by using hyper-personalization, Artificial Intelligence and the use of predictive analytics.  Secondly, strengthening SMB's within Canada and the local Ottawa business community providing business and project consulting. 

She is formally trained as a portfolio/project manager and has an honours degree in social sciences.  She has also studied international business management.  She has headed various projects in North America and  Australia. 

Currently, she's serving as a District PRM for Toastmasters in District 61, which includes the areas of Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and some areas of NY.  She dabbles in photography, painting & cooking.


I come from a family of entrepreneurs & creators, my dad was a filmmaker and my mother a painter, and as such, I was encouraged to create and tell stories. I would make up stories for my parents since I was four years old and inevitably fell in love with the art of storytelling. I also ended up following in my dad's entrepreneurial footsteps.


My creativity brought me to the IT field where I started my first company at the age of 21. Interestingly, I was looking for some computer training and found nothing out there that suited my needs. Solution? I created it by starting one of the first IT training centers that bridged the skills gap between University and in the field. To me, this experience was just bringing my story to reality and gaining the skill to execute ideas. There began my journey as an entrepreneur. Storytelling also led me to write a book on stress management in 2015, where I shared my personal experience, in learning to overcome the odds. You can find it here


I believe that no matter what business you are in, the best way to connect with your audience, users and customers is to tell a compelling story. I am an avid photographer and love capturing people's faces, which is another form of storytelling. You can see some of my work here.

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Background & Expertise

Throughout my career as an entrepreneur in the IT field, I have had a chance to wear many hats including CEO, project manager, researcher, planner, strategist, and marketer. My current expertise lies in user behavior, experience, and interaction.  My background in sociology, psychology, social trends, statistics, business, and marketing gave me a solid base to map out the customer journey. 

I have founded and co-founded a few technology companies in Canada, the US & Australia.  My primary passion is to take an idea and build it out completely until it thrives. I am currently focused on AI and consumer analytics industry. The question I am asking is can technologies like AI and Predictive Analytics enhance the customer experience? 


VP Marketing Trustifier Software Inc.

January 2008-2013

  • Planning and implementing sales, marketing, and product development programs, both short and long-range, targeted toward existing and new markets.

  • Developing and implementing strategic marketing plans for Trustifier range of products as well as sales plans and forecasts to achieve corporate objectives for products and services.

  • Developing and managing sales/marketing operating budgets.

  • Planning and overseeing advertising and promotion

  • Developing and recommending product positioning, packaging, and pricing strategy for Trustifier.

  • Creating and managing the entire Trustifier product life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities.

  •  Determining market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research

  •  Managing the entire Trustifier product requirement and functional team dependencies to successfully release our products

More information about the companies I worked can also be found on LinkedIn here

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CEO AINA Software Inc.

Feb 2019 - Present 

I am responsible for:

  • Developing startup business strategies and plans for AINA  and the creation of short-term and long-term objectives that will help build growth.

  • Building the executive team 

  • Creating the pitch and securing funding

  • The conception of product and goto market strategy creation. 

  • International Market research, country by country analysis and business opportunity development. 

  • Leading and motivating our teams at AINA to achieve our current objectives of product development,  strategic growth locally as well as globally, and building a strong foundation.

  • Overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission. 

[Original size] Ottawa Micro Marketing L

  (Trade name Mayateq Inc. est 2011)

2011- 2019 - Present 

I am responsible for:

  • Content strategy across all digital platforms

  • Creating compelling stories and assets around business announcements, in-house talent, collaborations and partnerships, culture and job blasts, and ongoing storytelling around members, programs and activities - from events and experiential, to funny or memorable moments.

  • Drive decision-making around how to structure our channels locally, and manage production workflows

  • Create blog posts and key visual assets, as well as design edit and maintain the website in line with the brand. And the graphical point of sale content.

  • Generate insight about audiences and optimize activities

  • Track competitors and leading brands to ensure content, tactics, and strategies are industry-leading

algonquin college.jpg


September 2017 - April 2018

This certificate covers the ten knowledge areas according to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)®. It also covers Agile & Lean project management.



August 2009

Professional Development Training in Business Management
-Entrepreneurship Training
-Strategic Planning 
-Competitive Advantage 
-Target Marketing & Sales strategy
-Human Resources 

university of ottawa.jpg


January 1991 - April 1995

Social Sciences Honours is a 4-year degree with a concentration in Sociology and Psychology. Emphasis on group research methodologies including conducting large-scale surveys, interpreting data and documents, analyzing census data, studying videotaped interactions, interview participants of groups, and conduct laboratory experiments. The focus on the connection between broad social forces and personal experiences

Keyboard and Mouse

​Industry Knowledge

What I Do

Business Startups

  1. Entrepreneurship  

  2. Market Research  

  3. Business Strategy  

  4. Product Development 

  5. Funding

  6. Business Plan Development 

  7. Strategic Partnerships

  8. Competitive Analysis

  9. Integrated Marketing

  10. CRM

  11. Business Development

  12. Business Planning

  13. Market Analysis

Project Management

  1. Project Portfolio   

  2. Management  

  3. Project  Management

  4. Risk Assessment

  5. Requirements Gathering

  6. Change Management

  7. Agile Project Management

  8. Waterfall Project Managent

  9. Product Management

  10. Stakeholder Managment 

  11. Stakeholder Analysis

  12. PMBOK  


  1. Brand Management

  2. Social Media Marketing

  3. Digital Marketing

  4. Analytics

  5. Marketing Management

  6. B2B Marketing

  7. Marketing Communications

  8. Brand Development

  9. Web Analytics

  10. Online Marketing

  11. Product Marketing

  12. Demand Generation

  13. PPC

  14. Digital Strategy

  15. Business Analysis

  16. SEO

Tools & Technologies

  1. SaaS

  2. MS Office 

  3. Microsoft Project

  4. JIRA

  5. Data Science & Statistics

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Leadership

  2. Leadership Training

  3. Team Leadership


Other Skills 

8 Languages

  • English(Native)

  •  Urdu (Native)

  • Punjabi (Native)

  • French (Intermediate)

  • Hindi (Advanced Spoken Fluent)

  • Japanese (Intermediate)

  • Korean (Beginner)

  • Mandarin (Beginner)

Other Interests & Memberships

Public Speaking

Member Toastmasters International 

VP PR Riverside Toastermasters Ottawa (2019)


Story & Script Writing 

Courses & Certificates

May 2020

Internation Business Management

Algonquin College


Jul 2019 Course
Nir Eyal on Creating Habit-Forming Products


Nov 2018

Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks

Nov 2018
Product Management: Building a Product Strategy


May 2018
Agile Marketing Foundations

May 2018
Data Governance

May 2018
Project Management: Healthcare Projects

May 2018

Six Sigma Foundations

May 2018

Six Sigma: Green Belt

May 2018

Stay Lean with Kanban

March 2018
Strategic Agility

My Skills

What I’ve Learned


Industry Knowledge


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My Photography


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